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Peter can inlay horn onto items like wooden objects, perhaps electric guitars etc. He can also drill holes through horn beads, and possibly make lovely patterned horn door beads, or curtain tiebacks. He can bend horn. He makes beautiful jewelry, horn rings, leather thongs with horn pendants and beaded necklaces.

He can also make togs and buttons, he can engrave into horn like perhaps put runes onto viking horn tankers, which seem to be rather popular on the internet at the moment.  He can make Shepherd horns / dog whistles / lamps / even lamp shades. 


Peter can make just about anything in leather including belts, dog leads, collars, any type of collar / cat collars, dog coats.  Pouches, handbags, Satchels. 


Peter can repair leather items, he also sometimes repairs clothing or shoes, and occasionally furniture. If you would like a repair doing

please take pictures of your item/s upload it/them and describe what you wish to be done, after filling in the form and submitting it. After you have submitted a form

Peter will get back in touch with a decision about whether he can repair the item/s and/or a quote which will include Postage and packaging for the item/s to and from your address.

Peter does considerably less now that he is retired, but he is still open for business as far as repairs are concerned. He may or may not choose to repair your item depending on if he has the equipment or depending on the work load involved. Please do submit your item/s and he will examine all of them.


Heidi Makes Pottery, if you would like a bespoke ceramic item/s making please submit a form. She also makes cow hide handbags, if you want one please also let us know. 

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