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Grizedale arts and the friendly folk who supported Pete



How We Got Here


Set against the stunning natural beauty of Cumbria lies our village of Ambleside, friendly people and old crafts. My name is Heidi Hodgson and my husband's name is Peter, and we work together creating various ceramics. My husband is a local artist born and bred, who paints animals and scenery. He puts his lovely paintings onto the bespoke clay creations, which I fashion and fire on site. The goods are hand crafted, no two are alike and if the paintings don't make you smile, Peter states he has failed in his endeavour to create his work. Every painting is individual to every painstaking stroke, you will never find two the same.

Over the years the local institute of Grizedale arts have worked together with Peter and myself providing much backing, patience and support, including showcasing a recent exhibition called “Making A life”. Making a life was a chance for collaboration between a group of artists who admire and enjoy Peter's work, to highlight the aspects of the work they most appreciate. Included in and as part of the exhibition were some of the ceramics Peter and I created together. Some were sold to art enthusiasts who came to the exhibition and enjoyed the work. The Galleries our work was featured in during the exhibition were :- The Coniston Women's institute, Hauser & Wirth, Somerset; Castlefield Gallery,Manchester; The Whitworth Gallery, Manchester and Middlesborough Institute of Modern Art.

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